New Neighbor Brunch

Robson neighbors gathered from far and wide to welcome two of our newest neighbors of Vic & Harri Ann Porter as well as Rick & Cheryl Dubose...CAT was pointing out Paula Hemingway testimony that husband Mark  home made cinnamon rolls were even more yummy that Cinnabon & more healthly too (please note that all image text descriptors had not be truthfully verified at the time of web publishing)

Steve was very surprised by his Birthday Drone "Honey Bun" Cake...Thank You CAT

YES that Drone was edible...SO Paula Hemingeay who ate some of the propellers

Nice to be "17" again...I was reminded same age as Sherri Hansel

Glenda pointing where the "Angry" Army Worms were headed next...YIKKES Rick Dubose says

Tom listening to Glenda ask just who  infected who with the "Bag Worms"

Steve panics on his cinnamon buns creation after hearing about competion of the Drone "Honey Bun" Cake

Vic & Harri Ann Porter are SO NEW they did not have their official Robson Name Badges Yet

Buddy & Prissy eagerly await dropped morsels

Everyone enjoying the serving line...Thanks Neighbors for contributing your specialities

Glenn & Glenda anxiously awating the start of the delicous brunch

Glenn pondering Glenda's recommedation of Linda Smith's very yummy biscuts and sausage gravy

New Neighbors Vic and Harri Ann Poerter informing Kevin & Charlene about the treasures Irma left behind in their Attic