Enjoyed seeing all the new cars and mortorcycles today with my friend and neighbor Steve Hansel...Got my eye on some replacement vehicles and accessories when my ship comes in

High Tech Dashboard for my new Bike

Easy Access for the Chain Lube on my New Bike

Wonder if I can join the Robson Motor Cycle Club Now?

Bunny Logo on the Belaire is to Die For

Gotta Love the High Tech Belaire Mirror Camera 

Seriously Considering this Chevy Belaire as my Voltec Replacement

Golf Cart Replacement

CAT is favoring a trade for this one

Wil never have to spend time at the Car Wash if I get this one

Cool Filter Cover

Wonder if I could Mod the Voltec for these

I need these Lucky Dice for my Voktec

The Ultimate Christmas Gift

Got the Heros Welcome for bringing this home

This Hood Prop will look cool in my Voktec